Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Courtesy of Bali Go Live

Bali Tourism Office, through Bali Tourism Board (BTB), has officially selected Bali Go Live as Bali's official video channel to promote Bali using YouTube channel and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Thumblr, Linkedin, and many others. The signing agreement between Bali Go Live and BTB will take place in Denpasar on April 26, 2016. Through this signing agreement, Bali Tourism Board will officially appoint Bali Go Live as the official organizer for Bali tourism video channel on YouTube.

In this partnership, Bali Go Live will be a video provider on YouTube in promoting the Bali tourism and the neighboring islands. Bali Go Live has created so many interesting videos about tourism in Bali. Millions of tourists who are about to take a holiday in Bali will get complete information by watching the videos uploaded by Bali Go Live on YouTube.
“Do you have plans to visit Bali? All the best destinations, the must-visit events, the most delicious dishes, the hotel and the diversity of culture awaits you! All you need to know about Bali, the island of gods, will be presented every week in the form of a short informative video!”
What sort of channel is Bali Go Live? According to Bali Go Live’s Content Manager, Ryna Sukma Dewi, Bali Go Live channel contains video of everything you need to know about Bali. “Bali Go Live is a video channel discussing anything about Bali. Our mission is to be a digital Bali’s encyclopedia and to become a place where the business people can reach their target consumers, and to bring Bali as the best tourist destination in the World. Currently, we had produced videos about culture, events, destinations and Balinese lifestyle, and will continue to develop in order to stay ourselves ahead, one of the samples is using the virtual 360 reality technology video that will be released soon,” told her while shooting a virtual 360 reality video in Kuta Beach. For more information about Bali Go Live, you can visit
In the meantime, AVB Media Asia, who supervises Bali Go Live, with their Managing Director, Herry Arianto, said that Bali Go Live is here not only to promote Bali. We also encourage young people in Bali to be more proud of the Balinese’s philosophy and culture. “We have high-quality videos which explain the daily life of Balinese culture, so that the youngsters can share the videos to their friends outside Bali through social media,” he said.
Herry pointed out when Bali Go Live created a video of Canang sari and its philosophy by presenting a fun and yet informative style. What is Canang and its function has always been a question mark for those who visit Bali. Based on his testimony, that video has been viewed and shared thousands of times and still counting up to this day.
To find out what else that Bali Go Live offers, you can enjoy the videos and subscribe at
Bali Go Live will participate in the ASITA event - Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF) on June 22nd to 26th. In this event, Bali Go Live will have a booth to promote Bali via the latest technology video presentation, namely Virtual 360-degree reality video.