Saturday, April 23, 2016

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Bathing for Health
The first thing pops up when you hear the word “Bali” probably is beach or surfing. Indeed, this island is full of amazing beaches and great waves. But, if you are open to other ways to submerge yourself, you will find that Bali also has many natural hot springs to explore. Many people believe that by bathing in hot spring, your skin conditions such as psoriasis, muscular pains, and arthritis may be relieved. The water is composed of a variety of different, identified minerals, which may be beneficial for some circulatory disorders and attract lots of people with bronchial disorders who claim the combination of steam and minerals provides breathing relief. Now, what could be better than relaxing in a natural hot spring while healing your mind and soul at the same time? There are many iconic things come to mind when you picture hot springs, but my last journey took me to the coziest ones.
My first stop was Banjar Hot Spring. Settled in the midst of the jungle, this has to be pencil marked if you are travelling in the north side of the island. Banjar Hot Spring is located in Buleleng, about 3 hours’ drive from Denpasar. It is quite easy to locate, considering clear signposts to the hot spring are visible from the main road of Banjar Village. However, keep your eyes alert to see a roofed stone gate with a signage that reads “Permandian Air Panas”. Before the entrance, you will notice so many shopkeepers trying to sell you handicrafts, souvenirs, shirts, etc. You don't have the obligation to buy anything here. Just prepare IDR 5.000 in your pocket for an entrance fee for the hot spring.
There are three bathing pool areas where you can swim in 38-degree Celsius of sulfur water. The top area is the hottest, with spring water coming out of the dragons’ mouth, which then overflows to the second bath located in the lower pond with cooler water than the first pool. The last spot has water falling from about three meters high, where you can take the benefit of having a great back massage.
Looking at people relaxing in the pools will relax yourself, while getting soaked in the hot water will give you a positive energy to continue the rest of the day. Visitors are welcome to move around from one pool to another. Mind your step when climbing down the stairs in the pool, because they are not really visible due to the water is not clear. Best time to visit the hot spring is in the morning. Avoid visiting at midday time because it starts to get crowded after lunchtime.
The following day, I went to Batur Natural Hot Spring in Kintamani. Located right next to Batur Lake, this hot spring has a jaw dropping view of lake and mountain. The entrance fee is IDR 60.000 for local tourist, which includes welcome drink, fresh towel, shampoo, and locker facilities to leave your personal belongings. Entering the bathing area feels like stepping into the unknown world, where everything is clouded by the steam. The sound of running water around you will calm your mind instantly.
There are 4 pools available for you to choose, varying temperatures from the warmest up to 50-degree Celsius hot mineral spring water. There is also a kids pool where children can splash around and simply have fun. Find a good spot in the deep pool and get yourself drenched in the spring water, or experience the main pool with the hot spring water gushing out from the pipes. In Batur Natural Hot Spring, you can have lunch in a proper restaurant provided or take it with you to the pool. Beside the pools, a natural therapy spa is also available for the maximum bliss of the day. You will need to relax and refresh your mind after a long journey to reach this hot spring.
Soaking in the healing waters of a natural hot spring is one of the most effective ways to relax in nature, and both of the places mentioned above are perfect for those seeking relaxation, fun, sightseeing, and a totally different experience. Bali has no shortage of natural places hot springs. Whether you’re looking to experience a resort-like hot springs complex just off the forest, soak in an undeveloped pool in the woods, or unwind in the seclusion of a hot spring accessible only by water, this beautiful island has everything you need.

Banjar Hot Spring
Jalan Banjar, Banjar Village, Buleleng Regency

Batur Natural Hot Spring
Jalan Toya Bungkah, Kintamani, Pekraman Batur Village, Bangli Regency