Friday, April 29, 2016

Courtesy of The Leaf Jimbaran

Rejuvenate at The Leaf Jimbaran
April, rarely one's favorite month, finds us impatient for the holiday season, dreaming of summer vacations at the beach, and escape. For me, going on an excursion is the best way to remove that tiresome hustle and bustle of a routine life. Thankfully, I live in a place that is never far from peace, calm and tranquility. So, when I’m seeking a bit of peace and quiet, nothing gives me more relief than a quick Bali escape to Jimbaran!
The Leaf Jimbaran is one of the rejuvenate villas in the area that will help to reduce stress from your body muscles and mind, and at the same time induce vitality to your system. Put aside the images of busy beachfronts with music pounding late into the night and heavy foot traffic in the morning, because you will not experience such situations in this villa.
Whilst making for an amazing Bali escape in Jimbaran, you’re able to make a straight dash for a more private and personalized experience at the Jimbaran Bay Beach, where you can find the bluest water you’ve ever seen. Walk along the beach and take part in the watersport activities for a complete bliss of the day, or go back to the villa and chill at Cilantro Rooftop Bar and Lounge that angled out towards the ocean perfect for watching the sun rise or set over the horizon. After a long fun day, you need to rejuvenate your fatigued body. Having treatment at Thyme Spa is a perfect decision to end the day. You can even have the treatments in the privacy of your own rejuvenate villa.
Prepare yourself for a package of absolute relaxation, comfort and adventure. So, have no second thoughts when you finally make time for a Bali escape in The Leaf Jimbaran. You deserve a little taste of happiness!