Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Courtesy of Lombok

Awaken to a Different World
John Keats once said, “The thing of beauty is joy forever”. Sometimes, in ordinary circumstances, we cannot comprehend the real meaning of those esteemed people who strived to bring the truth of the life. I would say I wasn’t completely aware of the deeper meanings of the sentence said by the greatest poet. But after having the experience of traveling in Lombok, I can reiterate the statement with its full vastness and greater meaning. If you are a person who desires to explore the real meaning of life through traveling, observing, and understanding, then I would suggest to visit Lombok once in your life.
The island is full of life, colors, tones, tastes and varieties coupled with air of calmness, peace and love.  Not to mention that it has numerous spots to visit. You need to have ample time to get completely absorbed in the island so that you can get full of its life from head to toe. Senggigi is the place where art and culture combines with modern science and technology, and emanates something really unique and worth visiting. As much as I enjoyed this part of the island, my quest for hidden treasures of life coaxed me to explore other parts of the island. Mount Rinjani is a fantabulous spot. As the second highest mountain in Indonesia, this active volcano is perfect for those who love trekking and hiking. For surfer’s addict, I don’t think I could find any better place than South Lombok. Surfing in the clear blue waters with mild waves, just take the fun of surfing to its zenith. However, it comes with price. According to the surfers I’ve met, surfing in South Lombok is bit heavy on purse compare to other surfing spots in the island. Sekotong is a good place for scuba diving. It won’t be difficult to find schools which provide all the guidance and paraphernalia necessary for diving.

However, for you guys who are not always in the mood for exerting energies, you can deliberate over the beauty and designs of the nature. To give a new taste and dimension for your romance, visit the enigmatic and enamoring Kuta area which composed of white sand beaches. Visualize yourself lying on warm sand with nebulous sounds of water and air mixing together. When it comes down to food, not just pricy restaurants but also small local eateries maintain the taste and quality quite well. They offer traditional food, western and Chinese as well. All the food has exquisite taste with fresh ingredients. 

Ending up this exploring trip on a field which full tank of extraordinary positive energy around. Stand in and smell green, taste the air, feel the earth embracing us! One thing I would like to mention is that almost all the times prevails a dry atmosphere in Lombok. This is something vexing and irritating for some people, and they need to keep applying the moisturizing the lotions. Except for this discomfort, everything that the island offers will rejuvenate you.