Friday, January 15, 2016

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Strengthen the bond with your lover 

They say actions speak louder than words, so why not speak the loudest by making your own ring for and with your loved one? Designing your own ring is symbolic. The ring is a powerful symbol of commitment to one another. It may signify other more intimate ideas that only you and your loved one will understand. That person will be able to appreciate the time and effort you take when selecting the elements for the special ring. This adds to its uniqueness as the person knows that no one else will ever possess that rare item. So, how does one go about designing this unique piece of treasure for their loved one?

Melting and MillingGuided by certificated master silversmith, they will explain the process to the couple, and supervise along the entire process. The first step for the couple would be to select the type of metal they want their rings to be made from. This tends to cause a little squabble sometimes, seeing the lady may want gold and the guy probably wants to use some other metal. Gold is the preferred choice by many, but there are others who like to be different and go for other metals, or even choose to combine a few for their own unique touch. The metal is put into a furnace and heated at extremely high temperatures of 500 C to get the metal down to a liquid form. With guided assistance, the couple will attempt to pour the liquid into an oblong shaped mold called an ingot, and allowed to cool. After cooling, the ingot is then removed from the mold and milled into a wire shaped form. Milling is the process by which the ingot is carved a shaped in to a long square piece of wire. A bit complex, but this process will bring the couple closer together in the creation of this sacred and timeless piece.

Bending and SawingIn this part, the metal that was previously milled, is now bent into a circular shape. This part is one of the less complicated parts but still demands oversight from the specialist ring maker, who will take over every now and then when he needs to, while explain the process as he goes along. This bending is done with a special set pliers. In the meantime, the groom can occasionally ask his bride to insert her finger momentarily to ensure that the circle is a good fit for the size of her finger. The bride can always reciprocate this almost playful activity. When the bending is complete, it is then sawed by a special machine to cut away the excess metal, so that the two ends can be brought together perfectly.

Joining and Final TouchesNext step, you need to hold the two ends of the metal permanently together. In order to make this process, hands on as possible for the couple, one can hold the metal with pliers, while the other applies the heat to partially melt, join and shape the ends into a whole. After this done, a file is used to remove the excess solder, and then shape the rings. Now for the final touches, which is buffing; that is used to remove the final flaws including tiny scratches and marks made by the file. Finally, a kind of jeweler’s polish is applied for that extra sparkle and then held up to a polishing machine. The couple will be more than excited to take part in this final process, knowing there was a lot of work put into it and they will now get to see the final shine and finish of their precious memorabilia.
At the end of the day, whether or not the ring that you are making is going to look exactly like in the brochure, it wouldn’t matter. It is not actually the rings but the process of making them that matters.

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