Monday, November 23, 2015

Courtesy of Villa Reflection

A Serene Moment

When you visit Bali, you must prepare yourself for crowds. However, as I have discovered on my travels, there are places which are far from the madding crowd. These places are serene, tranquil and comfortable. The Villa Reflection in Seminyak is one of them. Located at a nice enough distance from the main hub of Seminyak, the ever popular tourist and party spot of Bali, the villa offered me a respite from the crowds. I needed a break and a private moment to relax in the beauty that Bali is famous for. The villa provided both in generous amounts.

Going by looks, the villa did not seem as much when I first laid eyes on it. The architecture and interior design were simplistic. However, as I settled in, I realized that it was rich with beauty. The teak floors looked gorgeous and I was stunned at the expansive living room tastefully decorated and replete with modern amenities.

The contemporary architecture grew on me and I often thought about it fondly after I had left. The elegant d├ęcor created a sense of warmth and richness. Most of all, it had privacy. After all, the villa was located at the very end of a cul-de-sac of a private street. In spite of its seemingly remote location, I realized I was never far from the beach or the important parts of Seminyak.

With a short walk, I reached the hub of Seminyak where shops, restaurants, bar and, of course, nightclubs were waiting for my patronage. Later, I walked back to the villa taking a short detour through the beach. As always, the beaches at Bali did not fail to impress. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful place filled with such lovely beaches. Time could and did fly while watching the rigors of the sea.

On returning, I decided to end my day with a dip in the expansive pool that stretched for 25 meters. As I lay back in the pool surrounded by a lush garden, I watched the stars which always seemed to me to be more beautiful in Bali. The only sounds I heard in my reverie were the rustling of the palm trees in the breeze. The warm lighting of the rooms and the villa made the place seem magical.

The villa, I felt, was the perfect embodiment of the Bali lifestyle which is gorgeous, beautiful and has a rich character. The privacy and seclusion of the villa made my trip all the more enjoyable. Someone had once said that, ‘Serenity is found somewhere between the sky and sand’. At this villa, I had finally found serenity in Bali.

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