Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Courtesy of The Patra Bali

Bali provides the supreme fascination and attraction for tourists and business oriented people in
Indonesia. The place is full of the best quality hotels, resorts and villas. The Patra Bali resorts and villas is quite convenient and comfortable place to stay. Most of the guests choose to lodge at this hotel because of the convenience location which is next to the Ngurah Rai International airport. Having this fact, you don’t need to worry at all about the distance or getting stuck at the traffic. In less than ten actual minutes you will arrive safely at the boarding gate, waiting for your flights. This makes it perfect for business travelers who have a lot of meetings schedule. Although, some people might be skeptical about the noise from the landing of airplanes near the airport, but amazingly, The Patra Bali is free of any kind of such discomfort. 

The Patra Bali stands gorgeously across the South Kuta beach, which is the paramount attraction for all fun lovers. They can discover the beauty of Bali, exploring every bit of the island throughout the day while residing at the property, as the places of peak enjoyment like the famous Kuta shopping spots and beach are only in the immediate neighborhood.

The Patra Bali hosts the largest place in Kuta within a tranquil tropical area. The outlook of the resorts is fabulous while the structure gives a traditional feel of truly Indonesia. You will certainly be dazzled by the picturesque of its surroundings. These resort is ideal not just for business travelers but also honeymooners, big families, group of friends or even governmental people.

Built on the fascinating decor, the designs of the rooms are based on the modern structure. The separate lounge area is available where you can spend valuable time with your loved ones. They have flat large screen TVs in rooms with excellent colors and the bright display, where you can watch movies at night after having fun throughout the day. Soft plush cushions are available on the bed to provide you a sense of comfort so that you get refreshed for another enjoyable day. Air conditioner doesn’t allow you to feel the effect of hot weather outside in the summer season. Huge marble bathrooms are adding grace to the rooms. You can relax inside a spacious bathtub and take a bath afterwards under an elegant shower with sprinkling sweet drizzle over your body.

Outside the room, you can take a moment to wander around the property. Feel the clean, fresh air and sightseeing our exquisite gardens around you. Our garden is one of the most spacious ones among all Bali hotels. Manicured, elegant and beautiful flowers are adding ambience to the overall outlook of the garden. You can enjoy the fragrance of the flowers during the morning or evening walk.

For big families, they can take their kids to have fun at our kids club where plenty of games are available. Joyous rides give them a great excitement and they could spend all their day in the kids club. If you like sports, gaming lovers can enjoy their time at tennis court. The court is manufactured beautifully accommodating the latest tennis requirements. We also provide surfing board at the beach along with the surfing instructor. Please ask our staff for other water sports or activates available.

The Patra Bali offers tremendous opportunities for swimming lovers. Three huge swimming pools are provided to accommodate a plethora of tourists. The main pool is quite spacious, lagoon style and ideally suited for families to have a full time enjoyment. The pools have clear blue filtered water where you can relax lolling under the sun.

To ensure that your entire body is taken care of after spending a long-hectic day visiting Kuta area, our spa therapy will take your body, mind and spirit on a journey of relaxation. The one-hour treatment begins with a sumptuous five-minute footbath ritual which concentrates on the lower legs and feet. It is performed to stimulate blood circulation from the toes to the knees. Gentle massage continues to your entire body to reduce fatigue. The next one hour is a blur, as your skin is scrubbed to perfection from head to toe; to stretch all the muscles, release tension and encourage total relaxation. In this moment you doze in and out of semi-conscious bliss. Your eyes open to impeccably soft lighting when the therapist starts doing head massage to remove inner and outer stress of your brain. Finally, after one sweet hour of intensive treatment, you will feel like a new person –profoundly relaxed with renewed strength, energy, balance and radiant skin. The Balinese therapist stands at your side, hands clasped in a warm-hearted thank you.

For governmental people or business travelers, our meeting room provides an excellent environment for arranging business meetings with clients or throwing an event. Audio and visual equipments are according to the latest styles and fashions. Coffee breaks in intervals are there for your convenience.
Another most exciting thing about The Patra Bali is its private beach where you can really enjoy your evenings without any distraction from the outsiders. The sunset scene at the beach presents a great fascination for nature lovers.
Many interesting food places indeed are available around Kuta area at cheap prices, but the taste and flavor of meal from our restaurants are second to none. You can enjoy your meal sitting besides the pool staring at the deep blue waters before you. The environment makes your dinner quite special. The food is quite sufficient to satisfy your taste buds at reasonable rates. Their special Coffee Shop or Floating lounge dish has no comparison with other hotels. Apart from lunch and dinner, you are served with a variety of items even in the breakfast including western style and typical Indonesian dishes. You can have breakfast of your taste and go out for recreation.

Guaranteed to provide services demanded by five-star hotel guests, the service of our humble and friendly staff takes care of every need to provide guests with the comfort, luxury and personal services that make your Bali holiday memorable. We provide room service round the clock with excellent services to say the least. They are so friendly and chatty that you will never be bored in their company. 

Staying in The Patra Bali is what you need for a holiday, as we provide and serve you anything that you need from A to Z. Therefore, have no second thoughts. There is only one accommodation next to the International Airport of Bali; The Patra Bali.
- sethlestath -