Sunday, November 17, 2013

Courtesy of MAHALO III

Welcome aboard the Mahalo III, a beautiful yacht that will take you on an incredible journey around the Indonesian archipelago. Whether you're looking for a relaxing private cruise, an invigorating family adventure or a corporate retreat set amidst stunning coastlines and islands, you'll find what you need aboard this new vessel. After two years of construction, the Mahalo III has had its finishing touches applied and is now ready to transport you into an Indonesian experience.

Built on a twin hull catamaran design with plenty of interior space, the Mahalo III is decorated and furnished in an eye-catching white and blue design. As soon as you step onto its spacious deck and explore its excellent facilities, you'll understand why this yacht was called 'Mahalo', meaning 'welcome' – you're certain to feel welcome aboard the Mahalo III

The wide deck offers plenty of opportunity to lounge around and enjoy the fantastic views that you will experience during your journey; the islands and coastlines of the archipelago offer some unforgettable sights that shouldn't be missed. Take advantage of the fine, tropical weather and enjoy the yacht's barbecue and grill for a real treat. If you're inclined towards a more active holiday, the complement of surf boards that come with the Mahalo III let you get to grips with the waves – there are various spots amongst the islands and regions you'll be travelling through that are a real surfers' paradise.

Taking a peek below decks, you'll find plenty of accommodation. A communal living room provides seating and a table to gather round, while four bedrooms provide berths for eight people in total. All rooms come with air conditioning to ensure that you can experience a pleasant journey no matter the weather, turning the interior spaces of the Mahalo III into an oasis of of cool or warmth as you desire. All four bedrooms also provide a bathroom and shower.

With all this at your fingertips, you'll be itching to take to the waves and let this beautiful yacht take you on a memorable journey around Indonesia. If you're looking for a lengthy cruise, the Mahalo III's usual route will take you around Bali, the Gili Islands, the Lombok coastline, East Timor, Aceh, the Nias archipelago, the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Simeulue and plenty of other islands besides – it's impossible to list them all when Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands!

These islands offer an incredible mixture of experiences that can cater to every taste. Thousands of miles of coastline include mangrove swamps, rugged cliffs and beautiful beaches, especially around Bali. For those islands that face the Indian Ocean, the waves are quite something – there's a great number of well-known surfing spots, some of which are world famous for their swell and surf. Go beyond the tourist hotspots to find amazing sites of natural beauty, coral reefs, atolls and genuinely uninhabited islands that are a far cry from the stress and bustle modern life. Whatever you want to see, the Mahalo III is the faithful steed that will take you there for a real Indonesian experience.

The yacht's wide-ranging route and suite of facilities make it ideal for any number of different purposes. You can charter the Mahalo III for anything from a one-day or evening excursion to a full cruise around the Indonesian archipelago, making it a flexible basis for all manner of retreats, excursions and holidays. If you're looking for an escape to paradise, the vessel can be hired for a romantic sunset dinner free of disturbances and with just the lapping of the waves for company, or for a day long getaway to see some local sights. For a lengthier adventure, charter the Mahalo III for a trip that will go round any number of the islands on its route, and let your worries wash away with this luxurious mode of travel. There's plenty of space on-board for the entire family and so much to see and do along the exotic shores and beaches that you'll be passing; the yacht makes a great base from which to visit some of the stunning locations around the country.

The Mahalo III is also ideal for those seeking an action-packed excursion. If you're keen on fishing, you need look no further than this yacht for a perfect vantage from which to ply the rich waters of the seas of Indonesia. Surfers are utterly spoiled for choice when it comes to great surfing spots around the islands. For other activities like diving, jet-skiing and water-skiing, just hop aboard the Mahalo III and let it take you to the very best that Indonesia can offer.

For corporate excursions, outings and team-building exercises, this yacht provides a wonderful setting that will really help those taking part to shed the stresses and anxieties of office life and to enjoy a day that's utterly different to the daily grind. Rather than a stuffy conference centre, get your colleagues together for an idyllic trip cruising the Indonesian waters and enjoying the tropical sun. For creative brainstorming, bringing people together with a company vision or giving executives a chance to unwind a little the Mahalo III is a brilliant choice for a memorable journey that'll make a lasting mark on participants.

The Mahalo III is available for longer term private charter as well. The on-board facilities and excellent seaworthy condition of the vessel will stand you in good stead for extensive travel around the archipelago, ideal for longer holidays and giving you a great opportunity to explore every niche and nook of island life.

So don't miss out on the amazing experience that is Indonesia by boat. Take the Mahalo III out onto the waters and let her show you the incredible sights of the islands. The yacht is furnished with everything you might need for what could be your next great adventure, and provides you with the ideal transport to truly submerge yourself in the Indonesian experience. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – take the plunge with the Mahalo III.