Thursday, April 25, 2013

Courtesy of Bali Kasih Villas

Nestled in the favorite area of Seminyak, Bali Kasih Villas stands majestically across the freshness of rice BaliKasih Villas offers you a matchless oasis of tranquility within the bustling island full of tourists.
paddy filed. Located in the strategic area, this modern artistic villa is only a few minutes drive to the best restaurants, spas, boutiques, and nightlife. The fact that Seminyak has been internationally known as one of the busiest spots in Bali,

Taken from the Indonesian word for affection, Bali Kasih Villas is specifically designed for groups of couple, newlyweds look for a romantic venue to spend their honeymoon and even big family in holiday. There is so much love ingredient in design and creation of the villa. Aimed to accommodate up to six people, this three bedroom villa is all about taking the time to chill out in style. It is a place to reconnect with an intimate group of friends or the loved ones without any outside disturbances.

We provide guests with the premier standards of comfort and luxury. Each villa has own entrance to make you feel like stepping in to your own house. And as you waltz through the clear glass sliding door, the spacious living room greets you saying “Welcome Home” along with the fully equipped kitchenette and dining area. The mixture of modern Indo-European cultures in design, comfort, facilities and food come together to create a blend of quality and opulence. New style furnishings and neoteric western d├ęcor complemented by unique pieces of art displayed beautifully in every corner of the villa; elevate the lavish and flexible spaces beyond the predictable. Private swimming pool awaits you in the back –full of lush natural surrounding– garden. You can relax at the pool where you can take a dip, lolling under the warm sun on the outdoor chaise lounges and poolside chairs. Have your spa therapy session not just in your private room but also at the bale-bale next to the pool. We created this open-air back patio to make your togetherness with the loved ones worthwhile.

Semi outdoor glamorous ensuite bathroom with bathtub and shower is available in every room. On the upper level, a small elegant living room squeezes between two spacious bedrooms. Glass sliding door next to the living room will take you to the private balcony overlooking the pool and rice paddy field, allow you to wake up in the morning and feel freshness of the day.

To ensure that your entire body is taken care of after a long day of shopping along Seminyak, our on call spa therapy takes the body, mind and spirit on a journey of relaxation. Your two-hour treatment begins with a sumptuous 15-minute footbath ritual which concentrates on the lower legs and feet. It is performed to stimulate blood circulation from the toes to the knees. Gentle massage continues to your entire body to reduce fatigue. The next one hour is a blur, as your skin is scrubbed to perfection from head to toe; to stretch all the muscles, release tension and encourage total relaxation. In this moment you doze in and out of semi-conscious bliss. Your eyes open to impeccably soft lighting when the therapist starts doing head massage to remove inner and outer stress of your brain. Finally, after two sweet hours of intensive treatment, you will feel like a new person –profoundly relaxed with renewed strength, energy, balance and radiant skin. The Balinese therapist stands at your side, hands clasped in a warm-hearted thank you.

In house chef is also available for your convenience. You can choose Asian or Western food before our staff prepares the ingredients. It is not often you can get involved in food making when you are on holiday. But with us, our friendly Balinese chef opens the opportunity for the guests to contribute into their own meals. No need to worry about how your cook is going to end up because our chef will guide you through along the process.

Guaranteed to provide services demanded by five-star hotel guests, our discreet yet attentive service of our staff takes care of every need to provide guests with the comfort, luxury and personal services that make your Bali holiday memorable. Staying in Bali Kasih Villas is the moment when all the troubles back home burst out of inside you into one untraceable memory. Time passes like a blink, but this fraction blast of paradise will linger in your memory. Therefore, have no second thoughts. Your real journey in Bali is about to begin.