Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Guys Finish Last???

It’s a phenomenon that has to lead to the creation of a flock of cliches. Nice guys finish last. Treat them mean to keep them keen. There is a science behind the notion that women are drawn to men who will, one way or another, cause them pain. Many people have done their own research in the filed of why not to date a bad boy, picking up the pieces of their own or a friend’s broken heart. Often they pull themselves together, only to fall again for the same type of men. 

The issue lies in the genes of the bad boy. This is where you can find the “dark triad”, a cocktail of three personality types: narcissistic, Machiavellian, and psychopathic. None of these traits make for warm, fuzzy, happy ever-after. But when they come together in a man, something strange happens.

So the question is, “How does a nice girl spot a dark triad without a detailed psychological assessment?” These types of men are “the rock stars, the dudes with the smoldering eyes in the bar, the strong, or the silent types.”

The template can morph, but the assessment is the same; the guy’s got genes that make women weak in the knees, and the power and confidence that signal them. If, however, you fall for a bad boy, don’t expect him to change.

And the following question would be, “What about the nice guys? Do they really finish last??