Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Way People Change

People change. They change kind of slowly most of the time, but in some cases they change in just a split second. And the funny thing is sometimes it happens to someone we used to know very well. They just suddenly changed without any explanation, and we surely don’t know how to react. Then, of course, questions take part. But ironically, as much as we wonder about it, we won’t get any answer. We won’t find any reasonable explanation because basically it’s not us. It’s them. Maybe they just need some space to fix their own things before they change back like used to. However, in the meantime, the very wise thing to do is to keep our distance away from them as far as they want us to be. Just keep them as strangers if necessary, or try to fit in with the new person they’ve become. Whatever we do, never blame them for changing because they have right to do so. But if for some reasons we can’t keep up with their changes, stay the hell back and make the changing as well. Maybe that’s how we can adjust with the changes without getting heart crashed. Changes make simple things go complicated. But we also have to realize that sometimes things change and there’s nothing we can do about it.