Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love Is Just Not Enough

People say lots of things when they’re in love. But when the love has burned away, they simply take back all the words and just say sorry. That’s kind of cruel and selfish, but that’s the hard fact we sometimes have to deal in relationships. People change in just a split second. They have thoughts, desires, dreams, new perspectives, and common senses. We can’t blame them for changing because we actually have the same right to do so. It applies in relationship as well. No matter how long we’ve been in a relationship, no matter how strong we thought the relationship is, there’s always a possibility it will end. Sometimes our eyes are shut when we are in love, and unaware to see that our partner is about to leaving us. We are blinded by love without knowing the relationship is actually has torn apart. It may feel like the world turn upside down when it does. But instead of fighting to keep the relationship back in place, we should make the changing as well and learn from the mistake. Sometimes when breakups happen, we just point a finger at our partner as an excuse for the pain. We put all the blames on his/her without realizing the decision made because he/she is changing. “Why they changed” is the big question we have to figure out, in which there are lots of un-denying reasons.
Unhappy is a very classic but honest common answer. We can’t force someone to stay happy with us, but we can always create one happy atmosphere in a relationship. As long as happiness is still in the air, no breakups will happen. Love shouldn’t be the key in a relationship. It could be use as a start, but during the time happiness should take control. Sometimes love is just not enough because in the end what we look for in life is just a slice of happiness. Don’t you agree?