Thursday, February 3, 2011

Talking About Love Failure

Some of you may disagree with me thinking that Love is temporary madness which erupts like madness and subsides there after, but when you are in love you think it to be the most passionate movement in your life. Sometimes when we are more concentrated on our career times come when we have to relocate to different places and these places won't have your loved ones. If you move away you leave back the fruitful memories of your love and try harder to keep in touch with your love and slowly you form a distant love with your romantic attitudes. Most of the cases which I came across were of Distant Love failures; yes I am a heart break kid myself. Since then I have formulated a strategy which can be helpful to stop these distant love failures.

Communication: plays a vital role in keeping touch with your love, and after looking at the technological advancements you can get in touch with your love within seconds from any corner of the world (Exception zero equator and Bermuda triangle). Find a suitable mean of communication may it be Internet through social networking or via mobile. When you are free enough communicate just find suitable time frame considering the different time zones.

Space: always provide space to your partner never get possessive and doubtful that she is all alone and will do anything wrong. If you love her/him you should have faith in her. You can track her activities via any social networking if you find any exceptions discuss them freely don't be Uncle Sam.

Mutual trust: when you are away from each other you have all the freedom to do whatever you want, but don't misuse this freedom which can affect your relationship. Many Distant love failures are due to lack in mutual trust, instead utilize this time for the mistakes you have done in the past with your partner. Confess for the mistakes and guarantee they will not happen again which will make the bond stronger. You left each other due to mutual trust you shared so don't hamper it and expect the same from your partner.

Surprises: always surprise your partner with new inventive methods like send a surprise gift, ask your friend to deliver flowers, remember the dates related to your relationship and surprise her/him with some cherish-able moments. If possible write letters or cards with interesting message which make their day more promising.

Forget and forgive: this is somewhat critical errand but when you confess for your misdoing and you get a same reply from other side always have a policy to forgive and forget this will help keep relationship healthy rather than distant love failures. Never ask for explanations and never invade each others private space.
This all things will help you create a healthy relationship rather than distant love failures. Always understand "set your love free if it comes back it was meant for you and if doesn't then it was never yours"..