Friday, January 21, 2011

Stop Being Possessive In Relationships

Relationships: How to Make Bad Relationships Better and Good Relationships Great [RELATIONSHIPS -OS]If being over possessive is causing you anxiety then you really need to try to take control of your emotions quickly, otherwise you'll probably be tormented throughout your life. Being over possessive is a very 'real' problem with many people and can completely destroy solid relationships and friendships if left unresolved.

There are several possible causes that make someone possessive, however one this is generally quite clear - it is normally a pattern of behavior and not just something that occurs once, so if you feel possessive then it's pretty certain that it isn't for the first time and unfortunately it won't be for the last time either.

So you may thing to yourself that you are just jealous or possessive over a sexual relationship with a partner maybe, but think about this for a minute. Is it just this relationship or are you ever possessive over other things in your life too, maybe with friends outside your love life?

Think very carefully about this for a minute

The answer is probably going to be yes.

Here are 4 main causes of being possessive or jealous:

1) Having experienced infidelity in the past
2) Have Been abandoned by parents
3) Insecurity and lack of self esteem
4) Loneliness

So you need to consider the points above and again ask yourself this important question:

Is it really the behavior of the other person that is causing you to feel possessive or is it more to do with you?

It's quite a painful question to answer because if it suddenly dawns on you that it's actually your problem and not someone else's then it is a bit of a shock and can make you feel helpless and desperate.

What you have to try to do is be able to let go of this emotion and don't let your possessive nature control you because it will win! Being possessive and jealous will wear you down and will beat you into submission, probably destroying a perfectly good relationship at the same time.

If you are a possessive person then in order to be able to live a happier life it is important to take control of this powerful emotion before it controls you and ruins your relationships with others.

The most successful way to control being over possessive is through simple hypnosis techniques that can be done simply and easily in the comfort of your own home.

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