Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How To Be a Good Friend

A lot of people wish they had more good friends and the best way to have good friends is to be a good friend yourself as people are more likely to be better friends to those who are good friends to them. Your always nicer to people who are nice to you, it's human nature and your always more willing to help people who have helped you in the past. So there are a few things you can do to be a good friend to your friends and someone they can trust and depend on which normally means they'll do the same back.

1. Be loyal
Good friends are the ones you know will stand by you and take you can speak freely and openly to without fear of repercussions or those words being used against you later on. The friends who you can talk to when your having problems with other people and trust them that they won't then go onto to tell those people what you said. So when your friends talk to you keep there confidence and don't go and tell other people what they
said, especially not in order to make friends with someone else. If a friend catches you telling someone something they told you in confidence they will find it very hard to trust you with anything again and if they do talk to you will be on there guard and cautious about what they say. Being loyal also means sticking with your friends, this is especially a tough part of being a good friend if get a boyfriend or have a boyfriend, just because you have someone doesn't mean it's okay to ditch your friends or forget all about them, as your partner may leave and your friends aren't going to want to just pick up where you left off as they'll just think you'll let them down again. So always make time for your friends and let them know that they are important to you and that you care about them and no guy or girl can replace them or take there place.

2. Stick to your word
Another aspect of being a good friend is being dependable and your friends knowing that if you say you'll do something or go somewhere that you will. Say you make plans to go out on a Friday night, a good friend will either show up or if for some reason they can't make it they'll give plenty of notice and an actual valid explanations such as illness or a work thing, whereas a bad friend might just not turn up or ring up on the day with a not so reasonable excuse like can't be bothered, or going out with boyfriend or girlfriend instead. Also if you say you'll do a favour for someone or help them, then do it, as this will mean your friends know you can be trusted and that you care enough to go through with what you say and help them.

3. Make time for your friends
You can only be a good friend if you actually spend time with your friends so always try and make time for your friends. So plan to do something together every week or month or as often as both your schedules allow you and keep in touch and award of what there up to and if there going through a hard time make more time as they may need more support.