Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Great Being

Job is a tool, no more and no less. Unlike jobs, careers have a very personal concept. Naturally, career is passion, purpose of life and values. Careers also has a tip of happiness and achievement. Career is part of life. But life can only be called life when not only about ourselves. Life involves other people, environment and universe.

We are not the central of the universe no matter how special We think We Are. We only played a small role in life. And along with that, there is one thing that must be considered; which is contributions. What's our contribution in the universe?

Contributions are not limited to family, group, or yourself. It's all about your contribution to all mankind and universe. Just consider since we were born, how much oxygen we have spent, how many tons of food we swallow, how many thousand liters of clean water that we drank. So, the question is, "Have We given anything back?"

Do beyond and make a difference! Begin to contribute some money, time and other resources boast all the time. That will make us a good person. However, more than that, contribute your attention and concern for others. That will make us a great being.