Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Does It Worth That Much?

Love: What Life Is All About“Hard to breathe, feels like flowing – so full of love my heart exploding. Mouth is dry, hands are shaking – my heart is yours for its taking. Acting weird, not myself – dancing around like the kebler-elf. Finally time for this poor love – to know how it feels to fall in love.” What a words. What a beautiful words. Those are one of billion expressions in which people use to describe the things the felt from love. Love can do anything, even the impossible one; the things that we thought we can’t do it, until love makes the other way. People do crazy things, which are stupid, just because they’re in love. Even when it comes to life, people would die for love. Yeah, it may sounds like a fairy-tale or the movie we saw everyday. But it’s true, ‘cause I’ve been there. Love is insanity. A sweet tasteless insanity from deep down inside. But the big question is, “Does it worth that much?” Well… it does.