Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finding Happiness

Everyone's goal in life is to find happiness. That's absolute. Whether someone believes in religion or not, we all are seeking something better in life. Thus, the main motion in our lives is toward happiness.

Happiness can be achieved with mental exercises. Mental exercises meant in this context are not "mind" which means only cognitive ability or intelligence. This has significance far greater, or closer to the soul; word that includes intelligence and feeling, heart and mind. By running a certain inner discipline, we can experience a transformation in our behavior, in our overall outlook and the way we live our lives.

Of course, we can do it in some methods. But, in general, we can begin to recognize the negative factors that can lead us to misery and positive factors that can lead us to happiness. After doing that, gradually loose the negative factors and begin to focus on only the positive factors. That's where we have to start.

Make a vision of happiness as a tangible object that can be addressed, something that we will be able to achieve. And by starting to recognize the factors that will lead us to a happier life, we will learn about how the search for happiness is not only beneficial for us as individuals but also for anyone who is around us.

The purpose of our lives is to find happiness. So, start looking.