Monday, August 9, 2010

What Is Your Story?

"Tell me about yourself." In a job interview that question normally asked. But what I want to emphasize right now is how do we tell the truth about ourselves. "The truth" in this context is not simply about daily activities, the company where we work, skills we have, or date and place of birth. That's not what I meant. Tell me about the life we lived, what we desire, what we dream, and how we enjoy life.

From so many memories in life, try to flash back to find what makes us feel truly ALIVE? Are there things that make us wake up, moved and encouraged to pursue our dream? If money were no issue, where would we be now? If time is not a problem, what will we do now? That's the real story of our lives.

Are we living or just earning to make a living? That's what we should ask ourselves every day. Life is not solely about the pursuit of material. Life is about passion, purpose, and value. It means nothing if we do something without having desire within'. Expertise that we possess no meaning at all if we don't have the desire to do so. Skills can become static. An expert who works without desire doesn't feel the need to explore and won't be enjoying his job.

Everyone has their own story because everyone has dreams to pursue. Our story is our past, present and future. Our story connects memories of the past, the struggle today and future prospects in a long series. Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. Just enjoying today while continuing to connect the dots in the future.

Each of us has a story that's in the process of making. So, now ask yourself, "WHAT IS MY STORY?"