Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever

People come into your life and then they disappear, just like that. Without you realize they left scratch in your heart, which is good or bad. Then you’re wondering, “Why this is happening to me? Why people have to go? Why they left me with lots of pains? Why it feels hurt?” and all other questions. But no one could answer those questions. In fact, maybe everyone asking the same questions too. They feel like the way you feel, or maybe even more. There’s nothing we could do about it. All we can is just try to learn how to survive from those pains, until eventually we can move on with our lives.

People come and people go, nothing’s eternal. All things you thought would lasts forever, it’ll end someday. Maybe it last for a week, or a month, or a year, or even centuries, but somehow it’ll be end. True love or even perfect marriage has to end by the time. Maybe some of you know how it feels being left by someone you really love. It might hurt you so bad. It’s like your life is over by the moment he/she left you. You feel like everything feels so hurt until you don’t know what to do besides crying. That’s ok; it is our needs to be sad when someone leave us. But life must go on. Million tears won’t bring them back. Always take a bright side from every situation. From this situation, nothing lasts forever. Those words that you have to keep it in mind.

Nothing lasts forever. Maybe that’s what life means. You have to face yourself being left by someone you loved, or by something that means a lot to you. But you have to deal with it. For if you can’t, you stuck and never be able to continue your life. And if somehow you could, then you’ve moved on. But it doesn’t mean that your pain is over ‘cause someday, maybe tomorrow or another year, you will face it again and again and again, until the day you die. That’s what life’s all about. It’s all about how deep you feel your pain and how to survive with your life. Talks to people, they might help you. Share your feelings with someone you trust, he/she will listen to you and help you to figure the way out. Don’t let yourself grieving too long and don’t hold it all inside. Share it to people around you. Make friends with everyone. Start a relationship one another, although you knew that it’d be end someday. Just enjoy every second of your life, until it ends. So wipe those tears for nothing, ‘cause tomorrow there’ll be something.