Monday, February 6, 2012

Following the Path

It is funny when I figure out that there’s actually no right and wrong in life. I mean people always make rules; create boundaries or any kind of efforts just to make this world worth living. But then there are groups of people don’t agree and come up with new rules they believe the best. And in the end there'll only be chaos between one another to stand up for own rules. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Speaking about right and wrong, in decision making applies the same way. There’s no good decision and bad decision. There’s only one path from every decision we make. Every one of us born carries the path of our own. We destine to make every decision long before we even born. No matter what kind of decision we make, that’s the path of our lives we must deal with. I’ve been cursing a lot 'bout my decisions. I punished myself by saying, “if only I didn’t do that.” And now, while I’m refreshing my brain thinking of the old days and all decisions I’ve made, I come to the understanding that there were no bad decisions. I was just following the path. I mean if I travel back in time to face the same situations, I’d do the same way all over again because that’s my path. I was meant to get through all these. In Forest Gump, Tom Hanks said, “Life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you gonna get.” You don’t know the taste of the chocolate you’re about to choose. But you know for sure that piece of chocolate is gonna be a part of your life. Living is simply about following the path.