Thursday, August 27, 2015

Courtesy of Nyaman Villas

Nyaman Villas: The Tropical Paradise 
Astutely situated in the heart of Seminyak, Bali, the Nyaman villas are amongst the most exquisite habitats to spend an unforgettable holiday with family and friends. A suburban road surrounded by shady palm trees on either side, guides the way to the Nyaman residential neighbourhood. On passing the security quarters, a wooden driveway escorts the tourists to these elegant Bali villas.
The guests are warmly welcomed into an intriguing open-air lobby as the reception area. A wide passage on the right, guides the guests to the lovely Nyaman villas. These villas are located in the vicinity of renowned restaurants and fashion houses with the sea located at a nice walk able distance.
Types of villas and their exquisite Interiors
The Nyaman group offers a variety of rental villas, ranging from a 2 bedrooms setup to 4, 6 and 8 bedrooms. These villas are designed and decorated in a manner to provide the equal standards and services as offered in a classic international private luxury villa. The interiors portray the spirit of Indonesia with an urban outlook. There are open living rooms with metropolitan settings and remarkably high ceilings, pre-fitted American style kitchens and swimming pools. Each of the bedrooms has a private semi open-air bathroom with a large dressing room. The villa buildings are accompanied with beautiful private gardens. The cozy and peaceful ambience of these villas beautifully bathes in sunlight by the help of huge bay windows that give the perfect view of the garden and the swimming pool.
The other services offered
The Nyaman villas group offers airport transfers in air-conditioned cars with English speaking drivers. At the reception, guests can avail the facility of a local mobile phone with pre-saved important numbers. On arrival, they are served with welcome drinks and a basket of tropical fruits. Guests feel like being at home as the devoted staff members eagerly takes care of all their needs. Safety boxes are provided in each room in case of emergency. Daily housekeeping and laundry service maintains the high standards of cleanliness and order. In the mornings, guests wake up to a delightful American or a local Indonesian breakfast in the villa. Kid’s special menus like fresh cut fruits and vegetables are also present in the list. There are in-villa chefs, butler service, catering services, in-villa gala dinners on festivals and special occasions that make Nyaman villas worth visiting and the stay of their guests memorable.
The multi-facet Nyaman Villas
Nyaman Villas is a paradise for both young and old. It can serve as the perfect intimate and secluded place for a couple on their honeymoon or a quiet place for old people who need peace of mind. At the same time, it can be an ideal fun place for a group of close friends or a big family vacation where they can laugh, play, cook, swim, watch movies and have fun together.
Guests with infants, toddlers or kids equally enjoy their stay at Nyaman villas as there are numerous activities available for the kids to play around. They can exploit the free wifi or they can watch kid movies or play various games available in their villas. Specialized babysitting service is also offered to take care of children. It helps the parents with infants and toddlers to be at ease and have fun, enjoying their stay. Baby trolleys for taking the little ones on strolls, car seats to take baby on board and cots for baby napping can be easily availed by putting down a request for them at the reception.
Excellent place for both indoor and outdoor activities
Nyaman villas, Bali, offer a choice of both amazing indoor or scenic outdoor activities for its guests. Being indoors, one can start off his day at leisure. He can relax sitting in the well-groomed garden or cool himself off in the private swimming pool. Guests can loosen up and enjoy the in-villa massage and spa services or take up private yoga sessions for peace of mind, body and soul. A fully equipped DVD library and board games are at their disposal so they can have a great family time together watching movies, playing and having fun all day long. At night, guests can enjoy the BBQ facility with their loved ones in the garden, under the sky.
Outdoors in Bali are equally fun may it be on the land or on the sea. Motorbikes, cars, rafting, surfing and site-seeing tours, can be reserved and rented from the reception to enjoy the core of Bali. At sea, one can enjoy fascinating cruises and boat rides to the nearby islands with white sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and other clear sea activities. The apt location of the Nyaman villas facilitates its inmates to go around leisure walking to the nearby well known restaurants, shops and fashion boutiques. These places are well situated within a 200m radius from the Villas. A quick 200m walk further directs the inmates to the breath taking sea.
Stay at Nyaman Villas: A tropical experience worth taking
Bali is world famous for its forested volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, rich Indonesian culture, art, yoga and other meditation retreats. Being an integral part, Nyaman villas is the perfect spot for a tropical holiday in Bali. It has essence of all the elements that make Bali a celebrated tourist destination.

- Joannes Rhino -

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Courtesy of Now! Bali Magazine Featuring Tegal Wangi Beach

Live life to the fullest

Every once in a while you need a getaway vacation to relax, enjoy and see what else the world has to offer apart from your usual daily routine. The trick for the vacation is the choice of destination, be it the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean or even the remote beaches in enchanting Islands. It matters a lot where you choose to enjoy your holidays.

So there I was, riding my motorbike heading to the entrance gate of Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, about 30 minutes from the airport, and continued along the countryside road to the right. A five minute drive led me to this so called Hidden Beach with its killer view. It is originally named Tegal Wangi Beach as it is located in Tegal Wangi Street, but I guess the backpacker community who found the place changed it to whatever they wanted it to be; Hidden Beach. However, since the post signs telling the location of the beach are everywhere, I don’t think to put a label as “Hidden” would be appropriate anymore.

It was almost 5pm when I got there, and I noticed a group of people (mostly Korean, Chinese or Japanese) lined up to take turn pre wedding shoot in the sideline of the cliff. I parked my motorbike in this huge parking space next to Pura Segara Temple. From where I stood, I could feel the ocean breeze greeted my face, and it was a good feeling. As I waltzed closer to the cliff… magnificent view! Clear blue water with curling waves hitting the beach down there. Hiked down was the only option. Fairly terrifying for the first timer, but actually it is quite easy once you get a hold of one rock to another. Well at least for me, because after all, I was just following the path that people do to travel down.

It was a perfect day to go to the beach. Gratitude to the man up there for this lovely day. All the sudden, I was surrounded by cliffs and white clean sand. If there was no pre wedding session near me, I would be like Tom hanks being isolated in ‘Cast Away’. I mean there are spots to fish not far from the beach. There are cozy rocks to lie down. There are small caves to hide you from the rain or sun. So basically, this beach provides shelter, food, and bed. So I said to myself, “Man, I could live here.” God must have spent a little bit more time on this beach.

This semi hidden beach has two ‘ocean Jacuzzis’ facing directly to the ocean wide as if welcoming to the glorious waves. Unfortunately, these beach basins are only available during low tide. It is impossible to see them when the high tide is on. It is dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend to hangout near or even stay inside the cave as the big waves will always hit the cave and suck everything back to the ocean in seconds! I have to warn you, big waves come and go quite often. Keep alert and be prepared.
When the sun began to set behind the western of horizon, new faces were popping up at the beach. That was my cue to hike back up to the cliff. Looking back at the hidden jewel beneath me, I realized that only a small number of locals were down there at the beach. It was hard for me to comprehend the fact that this beautiful site was unknown to even the locals, such amazing facts I got to learn. I must say that this trip was definitely worth it, and it goes without saying that it is one of those places that I will never tire of. I will definitely return not for the fun part of it but for the serenity the beach offered me. I will remain myself to revisit this beach in the morning.

On my way back to the parking lot, I stumbled on an Italian couple. Quick chat led to another thing, and next thing I realized the guy quoted something that stick in my head until now. “You can be the most beautiful person in the world that everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but all of that doesn't even matter if you don't realize it.” Referring to what he said, I guess Tegal Wangi Beach realizes its beauty, allowing me and the visitors here something to be remembered for the rest of the day. 

- Joannes Rhino -

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Courtesy of Now! Bali Magazine featuring Jenggala Keramik

Indulge Your Imagination with Art
One of the reasons I was inspired to come over to Bali was to soak in all of the knowledge I could regarding the fascinating Balinese culture. And as I went along visiting as many historical places as I could manage and talking to the indigenous people, it was brought to my attention to visit Jenggala Keramik.
Jenggala Keramik is a ceramics warehouse where clay is given the utmost respect and treatment to create beautiful tableware and homeware pieces that many restaurants and homes all over Bali use. And as in the case of international tourists, the exquisitely handcrafted products are a beautiful gift for friends and family back home or keepsake to remind you of your own visit to Bali. 

For over thirty years the finest clay of its kind has been used to create beautiful products. Various techniques are employed like casting and throwing on a potter’s wheel but for the most part, all are handcrafted. The technique used depends on the intricacies of the product in question. A lot of time is given to the thought, design and quality control processes of each and every product. These ceramic Bali-inspired products are offered in a wide array of shapes and colours, in sets as well as in single pieces. A gallery with a wide inventory is right round the corner where anyone that wants to purchase a piece or two can go right ahead and do so. All of them are priced affordably and there are discounts and promotions available making the shopping experience worthwhile and interesting.

For the most part, my time at the Jenggala was spent participating in the ‘Paint a Pot’ programme, and I must say that it was time well spent indeed. It reminded me of all the fun I had making various homeware pieces out of soil with friends as I was a very little boy. The beauty of this programme is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and sizes, as a group or as an individual. I am pretty sure that many kids preferably of three years plus get a kick out of creating something using their own hands. For adults, I believe that aside from being a fun way to spend time with friends and family, it is a very therapeutic activity.

Everyone is given a chance to come up with their own design and the staff are always there to lend a hand if needed. You are left to your own devices and you can create a mug, a bowl, a plate or whatever you like. Your pieces will be ready to collect after four or five days. Your creation can be embellished however you see fit as there are paints and glazes provided for you to use. And if anyone is interested in having a one-on-one class, that can also be arranged. All one needs to do is ask. 

Jenggala Keramik can cater to birthday and anniversary parties and if you’d rather watch than participate directly there is a viewing area from where you can observe the creative process in the studios. A small cafĂ© is also available just a few steps away from the workshop; a great place to relax and catch one’s breath with a very good cup of coffee.

All in all, a visit to the Jenggala Keramik is an activity that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for not just a fun activity but also something that will draw them closer to Balinese history. You will be amazed to find out that you are actually gifted. See and witness how your hands perform magic!
- Joannes Rhino -

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Courtesy of Now! Bali Magazine Featuring Finn's Beach Club

The Sands That Linger On
Bali is a very beautiful place, filled with many beautiful and historical things that have attracted many tourists over the years. Unfortunately, of all the years that I have been living and working here, I have never taken the time to seriously explore this beautiful and enriched island. 

As a way to enjoy myself fully and as advised by a few of my colleagues, I decided to visit a new environment that I rarely go to, Finn’s Beach Club. I must say that if you have never been, then pencil in a visit to this place on your calendar ASAP. This little slice of paradise is safely tucked away below some breathtaking and imposing cliffs. And the journey to reach it is just as thrilling as the site of the club itself. I was with this Swedish family in the inclinator when I noticed a boy next to me had to actually close and open his eyes a few times to make sure he was not dreaming, and everything he saw just kept eliciting a ‘wow’ out of his mouth. 

Being a beach lover, I put my standard quite high when it comes to rating a beach. And as for Finn’s Beach Club, I was overwhelmed for the fact that the beach has clean white sands with silky textures that your feet would fall in love with. Well at least mine definitely did so. Aside from the beautiful sand, I felt in love with the clear blue water that looked like mirrors and would entice anyone to put on their bathing suits and indulge themselves in their warmth. The green backdrops were so eye catching and rich that they reminded me of some of the Disney cartoon movies that I watched growing up.

During the day, the place looked like it had been kissed by the sun; all looking very bright with clear blue skies, cheerful and fresh. This set up is quite favorable for the various outdoor activities, which I indulged in with enthusiasm, that are offered like snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. As well as enjoy the beach loungers under wide beach parasols, sipping a cocktail or two.

Time flied, and the nightlife at the club greeted a different era of clear skies with lights everywhere that reminded me of the awesome and aesthetic sunsets that I have enjoyed in Phuket a while ago. However, for an unspeakable reason, I feel like the sunset at Finn’s was magical. This is why. 

The sky was painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. The clouds and the pale glow of the moon was beginning to show. The bonfires were fired up, toast marshmallows and a bottle of Corona teasing at my both hands. Music was playing in enough volume and rhythm along with the screaming waves hitting rocks, as if they were trying to create a new form of melody. People starting to look each other and dancing around like fools. So I asked myself, “What could go wrong?” Exactly. Nothing. Even the little kids seemed to have fun with whatever they do. Yup, that’s right. Finn’s Beach Club is nothing like most of the beach clubs alongside Kuta – Seminyak area where all about ladies, parties and boozes. I prefer to say that Finn’s Beach Club is a family beach club.
My unending love for the beach scene drew me out to enjoy the bonfires throughout the night, dancing and of course making new friends. While I was sitting on the sand witnessing this enduring moments of my life flashing before me, I remember an anonymous quote I saw in the book I read last night, “Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Being at Finn’s Beach Club was one of those moments that take my breath away. Having said so, I encourage everyone to spare some time off their busy schedules and go check out Finn’s Beach Club. I promise you will not be disappointed.  As for me, I am still smiling writing this.
- Sethlestath -

Friday, August 14, 2015

Courtesy of Now! Bali Magazine featuring Canggu Club

Keep It Bouncing at Canggu Club
Children are a treasure in life but they can be a trying kind with the amount of energy that they exude most of the time. In addition to that, they can be quite very demanding. Truth is keeping up with a kid, especially one who has just discovered the art of walking, is not easy for an adult especially one with a lot of things going on in their personal life.
Many families have come up with their own ways of spending time with their kids doing fun activities or visiting real fun places. Go to the beach or the movies, to exotic places for holidays, video gaming halls, or participate in awesome and fun competitions. All this is partly to give the parents some breathing space and catching up with whatever is going on in their kids’ lives.
And to help kids enjoy themselves to the maximum, the Canggu Club Bali has come up with its own version of Disney World where kids can be entertained as well as explore their energies with all the sporting venues that are availed to them. And now in their backyard is every child’s dream – A Bounce Trampoline.
As much as this beautiful structure was made for kids, I believe that it is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of adults and children alike. And if you are an adult that does not want to indulge in that divine pleasure of exploring greater heights, it is alright. There are people that are there to watch over the safety of your young ones. This trampoline structure can hold as many people as allowed and it can be the best treat a parent or guardian can give to their offspring or wards.
And while the little ones even your teenagers enjoy themselves, the adults can watch over them in a restaurant and bar that is raised over the structure. So imagine fun and food all in one place. What more could a parent want.
The Canggu Bali Trampoline Center has provided various packages for those who interested to the extent that the fun can be multiplied over and over and over again. So one can have it arranged to have a trampoline themed party, a fun sports themed party like basketball and so much more.
And if your kid likes to try out new tricks for their sports say like basketball, and other activities like dancing, then this big and gorgeous Bounce Trampoline is highly recommend that allows exploration of ideas to the fullest and with maximum safety measures in place. With its 360 degree allowance and bounces that can be achieved to awesome heights, your child is bound to be the star of whatever show they have in mind.
Aside from that free jump arena that has conquered many kids’ hearts, Canggu Club Bali has made sure to provide other sports activities that will keep your kids busy having fun. The next best things are Splash Water Park and Strike Ten Pin Bowling alley that has become a team building and bounding experience for some families.
The juiciest part of all this is that the Club is open to all parties, foreign and domestic, that want to enjoy Canggu Bali’s fun providing amenities by providing day passes each and every day, all year round. But if you want to belong to the special class, memberships are also provided wholeheartedly to you.
Having said so, if you still haven’t planned or trying to figure out where to take the kids end of this month, consider Canggu Club Bali to fill that spot. Be well assured that you will not be disappointed in any way. Trust that at the end of that awesome holiday your loved, ever energetic and curious kids will shower you with praises for a long time for the thought. All you have to be prepared for is a mug that says “I love you mommy and daddy”. 

- sethlestath -

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Courtesy of Book Ease & Dream

Whether it’s for a holiday or a business trip away from home, you need to get a place where you’ll be comfortable and feel at ease. No one wants to stay in a crappy hotel (excuse the language) even when they don’t have that much money. Even if you’re staying in a place for one night, it still feels good to stay in a place where you can feel comfort. Have you ever been to a place where you feel so much at home that you actually forget you’re actually away from home? Aside from the fact that your family might not be there with you, there are villas where the feeling of being at home is something they live for. These are the places that we all want to find and spend our days away from home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to escape from your home life and stay at a villa. All I’m saying is that for those times when you have to be away from home, you should try to be as comfortable as you possibly can.

The question is where and how to find such villas. I mean you could search the internet, but aside the fact that is only time consuming, but there’s also no assurance that you will find what you are looking for. It’s like searching for a needle in a hay stack, there are so many villas out there, but if you don’t know where to look, the chances of you getting the right ones is pretty slim. The good thing is that we are here to guide you, so you need not fret.
Book Ease and Dream or better known as BED is a company that is devoted to getting you the best villas in Bali. We have a whole team of experts dedicated to cover all areas in the island, specifically in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu, and some other locations. We aim to ensure that you find the most captivating and luxurious villas that meet your satisfaction. Our highly experienced team of travel experts examine each of the villas individually, meaning that we approach to them personally to make sure that the villas are up to the standard that BED has set. It is one thing for someone to recommend something and it is another thing for that person to recommend something that they have actually had experience with, or which they have seen firsthand. Given the extent of the research that our experts do, you can rest assured regardless of your destination, BED will find you a perfect villa that you will love and which will definitely make your dreams come true.
The best thing about BED is that our team of experts not only picks the best villas, but we also negotiate the best prices to ensure you will stay in a luxury and affordable accommodation in Bali. Our company understands the best things in life don’t need to be that expensive and that you will enjoy your stay much more, if you don’t have to sell your blood to afford it. I remember the first time BED quoted a price for a European honeymooner, they thought there was no way we could possibly get them a good room at that price. To their surprise, in their testimony, the room was better than the more expensive rooms they had been to. It was spacious, private, homey and conveniently located in Seminyak area. It was really everything they wanted. BED has made the lovely couple realize that it doesn’t have to be very expensive for one to stay at a luxury/private villa in Seminyak, which they have always dreamt of.
Besides our excellent choice in villas, BED is also there to ensure you get all the help you need throughout your travel. Right from the time you make your booking to when you go back home, BED will have you covered. Booking a villa and organizing such things can be exhausting and time consuming which is why our consultants are there to help you all the way. The BED consultants are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and are willing to help you with organizing everything that is associated with your trip, from airport transfers to babysitting. If you like to go around exploring the area, BED consultants can hook you up with the local tour guides and give the best recommendation. All we ask in return is only for you to enjoy your stay much more. Plain and simple.
BED is definitely a service provider you can trust to get you the perfect villa and any other request you might have along with it. Regardless of what you need, all you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to our consultants.

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