Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Courtesy of Seeds Management

SEEDS – seeding hospitality management at new level

SEEDS as the name suggests is the harbinger for an extra-ordinary service based hospitality industry. The inception of SEEDS has been the sole act of young and experienced hoteliers with a vision of tomorrow to provide its clientele with the very best, out of the ordinary, hospitality.
SEEDS aims at offering the new and most breathtaking hospitality management company, its values set at revolutionizing the hospitality industry with personal, pro-active, innovative approach towards benefiting its guests, investors, staff members, environment and the local community.

With the running of time, technology and the fast paced life of people around the world, Indonesians too have proved their dynamism in achieving every level of competency on par with the rest. The team members at SEEDS have in-depth knowledge about their heritage and the way it enriches the lives of others seeking peace and tranquility. Proficient inhttp://seedshm.com/ every aspect of hospitality and prove their efficiency by serving beyond the normal, as we always aim high and new services.
From consulting project initiation to building a progressive service culture, everything can be done with precise expertise and apt accumulation. The hallmark of SEEDS as a full-grown body of management service for encouraging and expediting travel, tour, construction and business alike is on creating an environment of competition instead of diplomacy and reverence instead of hypocrisy.

Under the leadership of Founder Anasthasia S. Handayani and Co-founders Ida Bagus Wirajaya, Ida Bagus Dimas Aditya Prawira and Ida Bagus Bondan Raditya Prawira, SEEDS have grown to become the pioneer of hospitality management in Bali, and extend its services to serve clients and customers across diversified sectors in and around Indonesia.
There is probably no single domain in hospitality management that is not catered to well by SEEDS’ dedicated team of highly qualified masterminds, all hailing from Bali. The company’s focus is on employing local geniuses in every sector and sphere so that the potential of our people can be utilized appropriately. Together SEEDS has created an environment of friendliness, unity, equality and warmth to ensure maximum positivity between employees and to nurture a flexible working relationship. Their workplace is an entity where fun is unlimited and innovation is guaranteed. 
Today, SEEDS is growing rapidly in the market because of our team of talented employees from different industries and the Indonesian locals who possess skills for performing various activities. To learn more about SEEDS Hospitality Management please visit http://seedshm.com.

SEEDS Hospitality Management
Address: 16 Saridewi, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Phone / Fax: +62 361 7444433
E-Mail: contact@seedshm.com

Courtesy of Hu'u Villas Seminyak

One-Bedroom Lofts, Two Bedroom Villas, and a gorgeous Penthouse situated perfectly in the center of Seminyak, right next to Hu’u Bar.

Hu’u Villas invites you to a Bali experience like never before. With our world-class, luxury services, there is no other place in Bali that can offer as much fun and relaxation as Hu’u Villas. Regardless of whether you are looking for casual relaxation or an all-out party, Hu’u Villas is the place for you.

Hu’u Villas is at the center of the Bali party scene, and you will have a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy yourself. If you wish to experience local culture to the fullest, the famous Petitenget Temple and Oberoi road strips are less than five minutes away. The Legian, the Seminyak, and Canggu beaches are all within twenty minutes of your villa and just the perfect places for beach fun and beautiful sunsets. You will also have privilege access to Canggu Club – a sprawling 4 hectares private members club with many facilities and activities for both adults and children. We are happy to announce their upcoming facilities; waterpark, Kids club, Trampoline and Bowling center.
What makes Hu’u Villas different from the rest of the resorts is that we are the definitive party villas. Hu’u Villas offers the perfect party venue with in-house playlists, resident DJs who will bring you music styles that include disco, house, and much more, and a full-on bar in every villa. While Bali offers many places for people to relax in, none rival the party potential of the Hu’u Villas. Each villa provides you with a spacious place where you can host a private party in an acoustically perfect environment.
Hu’u Villas also provides an excellent entrance to the Bali’s premier party and nightlife scene. Fortunately, you do not have to travel far. The Hu’u Villas is right next to the Hu’u Bar, the premier nightclub in Bali. The Hu’u Bar has hosted some of the world’s best, celebrity partiers such as Paris Hilton and Quincy Delight Jones Jr. with fabulous entertainment and an all-star lineup of international DJs, which include famous names such as Aeroplane, Diplo, and Hideo Kobayashi. Hu’u Bar has been rocking Seminyak for the last 13 years. The party never stops at Hu’u Bar.
Also next to the villas is BABA’S restaurant, a must-go place in Seminyak. The BABA’S restaurant provides a more romantic atmosphere in a beautiful garden setting. It also features master chefs, who specialize in taking the best elements of South East Asian cuisine and combining them together to make some of the tastiest delights. This restaurant is perfect for you to start the evening elegantly before hitting the Hu’u Bar and then returning to your villas for an oceanside sunrise!
More About Hu’u Villas
Currently ranked in a top 20 as a 5 star resort by TripAdvisor, Hu’u Villas offer ten villas that range from 174.5 to 298 square meters in size. Each villa has a king-size bedroom, a spacious living room, a private kitchen, a private bar, and a sun lounge. In addition, each villa features inter-villa doors that lead to your private pool.  All the villas feature locally harvested, teak wood floors and Bose entertainment systems. 24/7 service that includes butler, chauffeur, and dining service is available at each villa. Of special note is the care that Hu’u takes to provide you with the best in everything from their world famous wine collections to their signature soaps and pillows to special cocktails from Baba’s restaurant. As an added bonus, you will also receive VIP access to all parties at the Hu’u Bar and immediate membership in the prestigious Canggu Club. So kick back and relax as our airtight security ensures that nothing disturbs this paradise on earth.

Space at the Hu’u Villas is always limited and is in high demand all year round. Call us to reserve your party villa in advance. Rates range from USD 359 to USD 1,300
info@huuvillasbali.com or (+62 361 849 91 30).

Monday, May 5, 2014

Courtesy of The Kumpi Villas

Situated in one of the most appropriate site, Kumpi Villas is the best place to spend your vacations in the most loveable manner. It is situated in the heart of Seminyak where everything is there. Seminyak beach is only a walking distance of 15 minutes whereas Eat Street is just few steps away from the villas. This is the place far from the commotion of daily life. The peaceful environment prevails throughout the time. Even the air here is so relaxed and refreshing that it would rejuvenate you. The villas is composed of 4 distinctive units, each unit has its own astonishing environment and outlook.

As you encroach into the villas, the professional and expert staff is there to repudiate all your worries. As soon as you nudge past the porch, the elegant swimming pool welcomes you with its breathtaking fresh water. The elegant and enamoring pools have a charisma of their own. You would definitely love swimming in blue waters with your beloved ones. You will never forget the exquisite experience that you will have there. All the pools have outdoor standing showers. The pool is made up of finest timber material and furnished with galvanized steel and fiberglass to give an incredible outlook. The pools are surrounded by umbrellas, Brisbane and Lowes to have a comfort after swimming in the most salubrious environment. The villas are designed with western and eastern décor and with the finest furniture. The doors are of different styles and varieties such as French-doors, fiberglass doors and elegant glaring steel doors. The villas designed with precious materials, finished with glaring glasses and equipped with latest technology have a fantabulous appearance. Each villa is constructed with world’s finest raw material. You won’t even find a mote of blemish in the construction and we bet that the awe-inspiring designs will elude you as if you were in paradise.
The master room has an outdoor enamoring unsuited bathroom with indoor bathtub and shower. The bedrooms situated on the upper storey are designed in a way which would fulfill the purpose of relaxation and merriment as well. The rooms have shining and beaming furniture. You would fall for the décor of the rooms. They also have even DVD players to serve the entertainment purpose. You don’t need to wander here and there as all the paraphernalia of entertainment is provided in your rooms. The glass doors can lead you towards the balcony where you can have heart captivating view of surroundings. You would love taking champagne while relaxing on the easy couches in the balcony while at the same time can view the pool.  Each bedroom has an LED TV with most up-to-date technology. The living and dining room of each villa are provided with sumptuous and lavish facilities. They have delicate sofas, elegant couches, attractive loveseats and gleaming settees. The living room has all the comforts that you have daydreamt of. They are provided with luxurious mats and couches to rest. The color scheme and the outlook of dining room would multiply the fun of dining. Each villa is provided with a kitchen. The kitchens are equipped with all the requirements such as fridge, microwave oven, kitchen range etc. You would love cooking there. You can even have a private butler who can serve you throughout the week   

If you are not in mood of cooking your own food, let the chefs of the place serve you with their savory dishes. Their mouthwatering dishes would make you fall in love with the food. They are expert of cooking food that you would find under the sun. Weather it is western or eastern or it is Asian, they have expertise to give the best taste. They can cook Indian, Spanish, Chinese food with the most piquant taste. You would love their cooking.
The place also furnishes secondary services as well. You can have a bicycle or motorbike on a rent if you are willing to go around the town. If you are foreigner and have countered a situation to exchange the currency, the money changer is at hand to convert your currencies into local ones. We are alive up to the hurdles that are faced with currency conversion therefore we provide you at the spot money changer who can do the job for you in a jiffy.

The villas have indoor spas with the dandified and elegant furnishings. Our expert and virtuoso Balinese staff at the spa will provide you the relevant services in the most dignified manner.

We also render safety and precaution measures pertinent to safety of child. You can enjoy at most without hoarding the tensions of your kids as kids friendly services are also provided at the spot. All the pools are fenced with the most reliable material so that your kids remain safe. We have even fenced stairs to avoid any such mishap that you may repine. You can have a babysitter as well on the request. Safety of kids is our foremost priority.

The place is completely secure and safe. We have policy to safeguard all the assets of our clients. We keep all and sundry information about our client absolute confidential. We burn midnight oil just to please our clients. With the most gorgeous artistic designs and with the most sophisticated services we bet that you will never forget the amusing experience of dwelling in the Kumpi Villas. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Courtesy of 888 Condo

Cheered by the exquisite beauty of nature, the 888condo offers you a “living in the center of paradise”. The serviced apartments and a hotel sited in the heart of Bali coaxes you to relish the combined attractiveness of nature and art amplified by latest technology to grant you a real sense of paradise in the world. This is the place where exquisite nature, elegant art and scientific innovations are infused to put forth a magical world of dreams to you.
The novel design of 888condo is contrived while keeping in view the naïve surroundings and enchanting beaches to give you a real facet of the mother earth and its nature. The design which combines the nature’s elegance and peaceful environment fully satisfies the mirthful experience of life. 888condo has the décor mingled with western and eastern styles and with both contemporary and antique look to give eyes the most soothing view.
888condo is strategically sited at the most optimum spot of Bali with the beaches enshrouding it from all sides. The beaches and supermarkets can be readily accessed without even exerting a tinniest of effort. With the salubrious environment, deluxe interior and with privacy it offers you to blow over your time in the most adoring manner. The “sky pool” renders not only great merriment but also the incredible view of the city and Beona harbor from the top giving you a sense of being in the realm of floating air.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Courtesy of Kamar Desain Indonesia

In order to develop a website that fulfills all the goals of the website development project, the proposed web development will take place in several distinct phases:

Here the scope, requirements, and description of the final website will be determined and documented, including the overarching site goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandizing needs, language and web tools used (i.e. Flash or carts), plus forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content.

Concept Design:
Sketches and/or page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors. Once these are reviewed and approved web development will begin.

Creation and Coding for Primary Pages:
Primary site (i.e. top level) web pages are created in the previously determined language (html, PHP, VBScipt) to meet all the appearance, performance, and content requirements. Then primary pages will be reviewed by the Client with appropriate feedback for revision.

Primary Page Revisions/ Creation and Coding for Secondary Pages:
Primary website pages are revised in accordance with the review/feedback. All site secondary pages are created.

Web Site Review and Testing:
The finished website will be reviewed and all functional aspects tested (i.e.forms, carts).

Acceptance and Project Completion:
Once revisions and modifications resulting from reviews are complete, the web site will be uploaded and go live. After a successful one week trial period, the website project will be considered complete.

Courtesy of 7evenotes

The world we view today is stark different from the one a few years ago. Every new day is confronted with unique, uncanny and untoward challenges and opportunities. The perplex situations are bounding up every day and night. This exacerbates many people and now all and sundry are looking for easy ways to get out of the plight of modern era. With the complexity and hectic mundane of daily life, people are fed up with the jejune reiterating events. Therefore, requirement of creativity and newness has become dire need in each and every project. There are people who work fingers to bone to render easy solutions with enchanting and enamoring content. This is where 7evenotes has attained its apex. When it is matter of event management, providing entertainment or sorting out the right talent, suppliers or developing commercial music, our company can do whatever it takes to provide you the best of all under the sun.
7evenotes render services pertinent to entertainment such as talent quest, event management and developing commercial music. Up till now we have completed more than 75 prodigious projects, we have arranged 200 breathtaking events and have brimmed to the horizon more than 250 artists. With our highly skilled and competent team and with latest management practices and technology we are ready to settle even the most intricate tasks. This is the reason we have gigantic clients mostly belonging to Fortune 500 and such clients are increasing day by day. So let us take care of you.
The question that may prompt in your mind is that what makes 7evenotes best of the all. Here we would like to evince two names that have raised the company to its pinnacle, and those two names are Alexander Triyono and Maria Novita Johannes. With them on board, our company has done miracles. We have arranged numerous splendid projects and we are providing best quality services with cost effective solutions. We know that money is problem as inflation has hard hit each and every person but here we quote you the best suitable prices even for the most complex and unique tasks. You are definitely going to like our services. So just give us a try.

Alexander Triyono has made his name. He graduated from Trisakti University majoring in accounting. He has served as Chief of sales for Rodamas and as Senior Manager for Adidas Indonesia before becoming part of our team. He has got the repute and the fame. He is past master of coming up with novel ideas and solutions. If you are facing the dilemma of arranging an event within blink of an eye then you should give our company a chance and the rest assured you won’t be let down because we have adroitness to arrange an event within as short time as a week. We have done this before and we can still carry the day for you. In 2010, Ponds Gold Radiance event was arranged by the team just in a week. The clients were taken by storm when they viewed the astounding arrangements and unique concepts contrived by Alexander Triyono. If you are still blowing hot and cold on the skills there are zillions of other examples to do away with all your doubtfulness. For instance the event of “Hello ASEAN Music Festival” in which more than 50,000 people participated was arranged so tactfully that everyone was taken by the storm to view it. The directors managed to quell such colossal traffic within relatively smaller space.  Another such event known as “Dulux Color Launch” was held by the company in 2010. The mirthful environment and the concept of allowing people to come up with the colors they have ever stargazed, was eulogized by all and sundry. 

 One of the reasons of successes of 7evenotes is having Maria Novita Johannes on board. She completed her master’s from Leicester University majoring in marketing. She has served as Director Programming for TV Benten and as Director Artist for Rivajo Jaymas before joining us. She has insightfulness to extract the talent from the heap of people. She works like a Trojan to provide best services. Many artists have been flourished by the platform and many others are still taking the benefit of the platform. This is the reason that mammoth and gigantic corporations are always approaching towards 7evenotes to get the right talent. In 2009, “Rexona Music Teen Concert” was held by the 7evenotes. Our capable management was able to put forth the right talent and those voices are now captivating hearts of millions. Another such event cognized as “Yamaha Miss Universe meet & greet” was also held in the same year.  We also develop commercial music for stupendous multinational companies such as Hyundai, Toyota, Axis, Panasonic, Unilever and numerous others. The melodious tunes are not only source of great refreshment but they also provide excitement and merriment. You would be taken back by the fantabulous music.

Our company is currently handling monolithic projects and has gigantic multinational companies as clients. Most of the clients hail from Global Fortune 500 companies. Samsung, Panasonic, Honda, Toshiba etc are few to name. The efforts and endurances of our team should are lauded by our every client. The team burns midnight oil just to put smile on the faces of clients. All of our clients are happy to find 7evenotes and why can’t you be. If you think there is dearth of creativity and ingenuity and there are other beguiling you with false claims, just give us as try. We can come up with fascinating ideas out of blue. Everything is more than good with 7evenotes and you might be the next person who is lucky to get our services.