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Courtesy of Chez Monique Jewelry

Strengthen the bond with your lover 

They say actions speak louder than words, so why not speak the loudest by making your own ring for and with your loved one? Designing your own ring is symbolic. The ring is a powerful symbol of commitment to one another. It may signify other more intimate ideas that only you and your loved one will understand. That person will be able to appreciate the time and effort you take when selecting the elements for the special ring. This adds to its uniqueness as the person knows that no one else will ever possess that rare item. So, how does one go about designing this unique piece of treasure for their loved one?

Melting and MillingGuided by certificated master silversmith, they will explain the process to the couple, and supervise along the entire process. The first step for the couple would be to select the type of metal they want their rings to be made from. This tends to cause a little squabble sometimes, seeing the lady may want gold and the guy probably wants to use some other metal. Gold is the preferred choice by many, but there are others who like to be different and go for other metals, or even choose to combine a few for their own unique touch. The metal is put into a furnace and heated at extremely high temperatures of 500 C to get the metal down to a liquid form. With guided assistance, the couple will attempt to pour the liquid into an oblong shaped mold called an ingot, and allowed to cool. After cooling, the ingot is then removed from the mold and milled into a wire shaped form. Milling is the process by which the ingot is carved a shaped in to a long square piece of wire. A bit complex, but this process will bring the couple closer together in the creation of this sacred and timeless piece.

Bending and SawingIn this part, the metal that was previously milled, is now bent into a circular shape. This part is one of the less complicated parts but still demands oversight from the specialist ring maker, who will take over every now and then when he needs to, while explain the process as he goes along. This bending is done with a special set pliers. In the meantime, the groom can occasionally ask his bride to insert her finger momentarily to ensure that the circle is a good fit for the size of her finger. The bride can always reciprocate this almost playful activity. When the bending is complete, it is then sawed by a special machine to cut away the excess metal, so that the two ends can be brought together perfectly.

Joining and Final TouchesNext step, you need to hold the two ends of the metal permanently together. In order to make this process, hands on as possible for the couple, one can hold the metal with pliers, while the other applies the heat to partially melt, join and shape the ends into a whole. After this done, a file is used to remove the excess solder, and then shape the rings. Now for the final touches, which is buffing; that is used to remove the final flaws including tiny scratches and marks made by the file. Finally, a kind of jeweler’s polish is applied for that extra sparkle and then held up to a polishing machine. The couple will be more than excited to take part in this final process, knowing there was a lot of work put into it and they will now get to see the final shine and finish of their precious memorabilia.
At the end of the day, whether or not the ring that you are making is going to look exactly like in the brochure, it wouldn’t matter. It is not actually the rings but the process of making them that matters.

Chez Monique Jewelry
Address: Jalan Sri Wedari no 57, Taman Kaja, Ubud, Kab. Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone: +62 813-3845-4677

Courtesy of Bali Children Foundation

A pair of hands for the kids
Bali Children Foundation (Yayasan Samiarsa Seminyak) provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in Bali. Working mostly in North and West Bali, the foundation offers education scholarships for over a thousand children at school, about 40 in University and delivers English teaching and Computer studies classes to over 1,500 children in 36 communities. While the foundation supports education opportunities in six children’s homes around Bali, the majority of the work is in Bali’s rural communities.  
As the founder of Bali Children Foundation, Margaret Barry, started almost immediately working in a children’s home in North Bali and later another in West Bali. Working this way, she developed an understanding of the families who sent their children to these homes, as their only chance to be educated. By 2005, together with Agung Sutama (Ketua Yayasan Samiarsa Seminyak), they took the first steps towards working in communities. In a small volunteer team, they established their first community based project with 40 scholarships in the Village of Corot, North Bali. Her main vision was to educate students until graduation, to help them finding good jobs so they eventually can provide income for themselves, their families and their communities. She believes this is a sustainable model which would keep Bali safe. 
All of the students they sponsor must attend ‘Work Ready’ mentoring classes to prepare them for their work or university future. Their students stay in mentoring until they have secured a good job. To cover this number of students and communities, Bali Children Foundation have a team of local staff and teachers working from the office in Banjar North Bali. Besides the skilled staff, they have ‘monitors’ in each community who remind the children about their English or Computer studies class times and who are there to lend a hand if a student is having any problems managing their school life.

They also work closely with partners who cover areas they do not. Most importantly Bali Kids who provide health checks, health education and dental care. They assist Bali Kids with aspects of their work, including funding their dental program and fully cover the health needs in the communities.
Looking forward, they are planning to extend their English programs into remote schools which cannot afford to establish their own English Language Programs. From their work in the North and the West, they have established that reasonable English language skills provide access to better paying work that any other model they have trialed to date. Bali Kids have agreed to support this initiative and will be providing health education including HIV awareness into this ever growing list of communities.

Their biggest challenge moving forwards will be funding all these initiatives and providing job opportunities for the growing number of graduates. They expect 85 graduates in 2016 and 127 graduates in 2017. To ensure employment for these numbers, they need strong partnerships with businesses who will be the future employers of the students. Bali Children Foundation would encourage hospitality industry to contact us regarding work opportunities. For readers living in Bali or outside, sponsoring a child’s education is very satisfying.

Bali Children Foundation
Address: Pertokoan Semer Jaya Kav 3-4, Jl Raya Kerobokan, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 8475399

Monday, December 28, 2015

Courtesy of New Kuta Green Park

Slide in fast and go down in a splash!

Aside from exploring volcanoes and lying on the beach, Bali also has something for the entire family and it’s all in one place at New Kuta Green Park. If you are not afraid to get wet, then let your kids enjoy the million gallons of splashing water, and let them experience the various water adventures they will definitely remember. However, not just water attractions, this park is also provided your kids with other activities, such as flying fox, bungee trampoline, and even paint ball.

With over 17 gigantic water slides, your children will want to try every single one! Slide in fast and go down in a splash! Let the heat of the sun be the favorites of toddlers and kids and do fun water activities with a wide variety of slides. Discover how your kid can swim like a fish through river cruises and the enormous wave pool. 

After your fun and fast slides, you might want to take some time to relax and just admire the ambiance of the entire park. A great way to do that is to take a lazy, relaxing drift around The Lazy River. Alternatively, take your kids to the high adrenaline air soaring activity of the flying fox, and they will have a memorable experience while peeking of the serene views of the water park at the same time.

Your kids would never get tired and bored from hanging out with other kids around the park. They will meet and greet with other guests, have a chance to play games, do fun water activities, glide into the air while riding the flying fox and even watch movies at the cabin. Feel the exhilarating moments of kids while you wait watching the calm waters of the ocean and the sun to set romantically.

Enough with a day of exciting activities, you might want to wind down and relax for the night. The best place to this would be at your hotel. At New Kuta Hotel, guests will have free access to New Kuta Green Park. They have a quite fancy family restaurant where you can have your dinner after coming back from the park. Taking a stroll through the tropical garden might be relaxing before retiring to your room. All the rooms they have overlook either the sea or the garden, providing you with the best view. For guests coming with family who want to explore the leisure experience, staying at New Kuta Hotel is a wise decision.

Wake up as the sun’s shining bright and clear all bad thoughts during the dark night to find out how you can value for less all the scenic attractions and adventures that the hotel offers while going into Bali’s best place for water themed activities. Get frilled and thrilled as you discover an unending high spirits brought by multiple fun-filled water adventures. At New Kuta Green Park and New Kuta Hotel, all guests are guaranteed a vacation like no other especially crafted for people of all ages.

Courtesy of Bali Zoo

Zookeeper for a day
The only zoo in Indonesia that offer fascinating experience being a zookeeper for a day that will give the visitors an opportunity to get close and personal with some of Bali Zoo’s most popular and friendly animals. Learn unique insight the day-to-day life of our keepers and behind the scene encounters with their beloved residents, such as their gentle giant the Sumatran elephants, bearcat, wallaby, gibbons, and their adorable Bengal tiger cubs. 

After quick brief from their senior zookeeper during the morning tea, the visitors will go straight to the activity program, which include preparing dietary nourishment for the animals, joining the bath with the animals, creating variety type of toys, nursing and interacting with the cute baby animals, and having lunch at Elephant View Restaurant. Don’t forget to bring your comfy shoes, personal medications, and of course, a camera.

Bali Zoo
Jalan Raya Singapadu, Sukowati, Gianyar, Bali
0361 – 294357
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Courtesy of Fayno Show

From Ukraine with an Exciting Show
FAYNO Show starts exciting journey on the magical island of Bali. The mysterious show will be a great addition to the vacation on the island for families, couples and single even travelers. Be placed in one of the ‘must see’ places of Bali, thereby visit of the theatre presents opportunity to not only see a fantastic show, but also to visit the GWK Cultural Park and enjoy a delicious dinner in the park’s restaurants. FAYNO is a modern theatre, combining theatre and circus. There are the story and tricks. There are not only dancers or acrobats, but there are also comics, juggler, magician, aerial acrobat, and wire walker. Each fan of a certain genre will find himself here.

Fayno Show

Courtesy of NOW! Bali featuring Bali Equestrian Centre

The Equestrian Oasis

Hidden among the rice fields of Canggu, the Bali Equestrian Centre (BEC) offers horse lovers the opportunity to saddle up and explore Bali on horseback. Upon entering their expansive premises, a vast garden greets you, behind which sits the stables and a huge indoor riding area. Those more versed in horseback riding can use these indoor facilities to hone their skills in dressage or jumping, and a large lunge arena is used for individual lessons; one-on-one and group lessons are available for anyone keen to learn, with their highly qualified international trainer following you like a shadow around the grounds.
More advanced horse riders can enjoy escorted hacks around the estate or longer rides through the beautiful Canggu countryside. No need to bring anything with you as they provide everything onsite from helmet, boots, special riding pants, and even body protectors during the course of your lesson.
Perhaps most popular amongst tourists are the BEC Tours, offering two options of either village or beach tours. Meandering through the village roads and green countryside that has made Canggu a popular spot, traveling by horseback offers the opportunity to discover places and views difficult to reach by foot. Their beach tour is another great Bali experience, walking along the beach is one thing but a majestic trot over lapping waves during sunset is simply a picture perfect moment. The tours are only at walking pace, and are accompanied by a ‘groom’. All of the horses at the centre are treated very well, and therefore they are well mannered and easy to control.
Whether you’re an experienced rider or a keen novice, horse riding offers a fantastic chance to see Bali in a whole different way. So, if you have a passion for Westerns or fancy yourself as a bit of a cowboy (or cowgirl), then head on over to the Bali Equestrian Centre.

Bali Equestrian Centre
Canggu Asri, Br Pelambingan, Jalan Karang Suwung, Berawa
0361 844 6541
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